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You act like railfans have access and privelidge to everywhere, that is simply not true. With having intimate knowledge of the area in question, Mr. Kitchen was on private property at the time he shot those photos.
Where do I "act" like railfans have access and privilige to everywhere? Can you point to any place in any of my posts where I say or imply this? Please, do; I'd like to see what you come up with.

Since you missed it, my point was that perhaps Mr. Kitchen believed he HAD PERMISSION to be where he was because he ASKED one of the employees if he could be there to shoot some photos. As such, the other point I was making is that, to me, it appeared Kevin blamed the photog FIRST without gathering the facts (i.e. did Mr. Kitchen ask if he could be there to take some photos?). Do you know if Mr. Kitchen asked any of the employees if he could take some photos there? If not, then your position is weak; I actually know the answer to that question...
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