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Originally Posted by TAMR159 View Post
As for Kevin being banned, it was per his own request - he was getting fed up with you in particular, Ween, and decided that instead of wasting his time trying to explain it to you, he'd just admit that it's not worth his time and leave. Banning his account also eliminated any temptation of returning later on.
Like I said, it's unfortunate that he was banned, but it's more unfortunate that, according to you, his banning, especially self-induced, is because of me. I take zero responsibility for his decision to eliminate himself from this discussion, this forum, and this site. That's on him; that is solely his decision.

I own up to how I conduct myself here and trackside and take responsibility for what I say here, but to try and put the blame on me for his decision to leave is pretty friggin' weak...
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