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Originally Posted by Joe the Photog View Post
It looks like a grab shot. Granted, I'm generally not big on cab shots, but there doesn't seem to be a focus to this shot. What am I looking at and why should I care? Also, the best cab shots, especially steam cab shots, always have someone actually in the cab, iMO.
Agreed. This shot is trying to split the difference between a firebox door shot, a shot facing the firebox where the door is the center of attention, and a shot from the view of the engineer or from near the engineer's seat, focusing on the arrangement of controls. This shot does neither. Distracting blown out window view a negative bonus. PEQ in my book, easy.

Where does the blue tint come from?

By all means reshoot, a good subject; take more pains, please, to get a good composition out of it.
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