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Originally Posted by MagnumForce View Post
The reason I am almost exclusively Flickr is that it is just better and more enjoyable and there is no hassle involved, has nothing to do with being honked off at here or having a large ego, it is not even that difficult to garner an average of 300 or so views on any of my photos anymore, your work speaks for itself and people will follow you if your work is good. At the same time I see absolutely no crap and do not seek out anyone to follow anymore unless they follow me first and I check out their stuff and it is good.
That's exactly how I feel!

Yes, I have an ego. No, I'm not ticked off at RP, and I'm not going to demand all my images be removed. The guys who started this site are my friends, and they'll continue to be my friends.

It matters not that one of my shots has 17 views, or 17,000. I look at the 3000 or so shots I have on this site, and take particular interest in the most popular, by views. WTF?! These are NOT the shots I'm most proud of! How I see myself as a photographer--good or bad---is never measured by PCA votes, "favoriteds," or unique views. I have no interest in keeping score.

Flickr appeals to me (although I haven't even started yet...) because I can select a group of shots---old ones, new ones, scanned slides, or digital images---and post them without asking "pretty, pretty please---put this image on your site so people will like me..." And, I get tired of tweaking shots for this little thing or that thing just to appease some man behind the curtain. I can assure you 99 percent of viewers aren't that concerned with many of the innocuous details that screeners worry with here.

So---Flickr is, more than anything, stress-free! I will never have to get ticked off with a rejection. Will I stop posting to Well---probably not, because I've invested quite a bit of effort over many years (more than a decade), and I've made many acquaintances because of it. I would like to think I'm richer (figuratively) for the experience.

I'm not ticked at it is important to note that many people vote with their feet (as I initially noted). I do think the younger photographers will continue to place great value in for the learning experience, and that's a good thing. But---you sure can't teach some old crusty hard-headed jerk like me!
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