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Default Sunset - Poor Lighting (Dark)

I took the following image near sunset which was rejected for poor lighting (dark):

The settings used for the shot were ISO 1000, f 5.8, 1/200 sec. Unless people think there's a reasonable chance that I could make the image RP-worthy with some adjustments using photo editing software, I'm curious what adjustments to those exposure settings with this sort of lighting might have resulted in an image that might have been accepted on the site.

I also wanted to know if there would have been a feasible change that might have resulted in a more vivid glow in the sky without taking too much light away from the trains in the scene. My concern with a brighter exposure generally would be that I'd almost entirely lose the orange glow in the sky. I was also concerned that a higher ISO might make the image too grainy.

Thanks in advance!
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