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Good morning-

Here is my first post to the RP forums.

This is a rather interesting subject. I know for me, RP is great when I'm doing recon work on an area that I've never been to before. Just the information alone in the comment section is great for understanding an area.

The wealth of knowledge and information on the site is great. Also from a modeling perspective, it's great as well, because the quality of the images makes for great modeling, so for that, I say thanks!

The one area for criticism that I've seen is that the post process of taking pictures takes away from what was originally taken. I've seen some pictures in the DB that have been pretty well photoshopped over and it really takes away from what was origninally taken. It's one thing to brighten up a photo, but it's another thing to really brighten up colors or other processes that takes away from the original photo that I have an issue with.

That to me is the one drawback of the digital revolution. With K25 you took what you got and that was it. I think to me, that is one reason why some people dont' choose to upload photo's here, and that is too bad.

But all in all, RP has been a very valuable asset to me and hopefully the quality of photo's continues.

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