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Originally Posted by Dennis A. Livesey View Post
I recall well the rules of a photo contest for the leading railfan magazine during the transition to digital.

They were so steeped in the ways of old that they would only accept digital photos in UNprocessed RAW files for their contest. They even stated they wanted to see how good you were as a photographer, not how good a Photoshoper you were.

I fired them a letter outlining how absurd they were in stipulating this ridiculous requirement.

Sure, slides mean to taking what you get. But then could I then point out all the manipulations by their sacred cow B&W photographers and ask why processing was OK for B&W but not color? They hadn't got the message that in today's digital world, you HAVE to process just like B&W in the days.

They were simply tied in to a methodology that was mandated by limitations of the technology of color.
I think enough people took them to task on that issue that they ended up relaxing on the "rules" the following year. Kudos to them for being open minded enough to accept the reality of digital photography.
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