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Hmmm . . . what to choose, what to choose?

1. In the US, I think I'd most like to spend some time shooting the BNSF and Amtrak in the area around Marias Pass. I've visited the area before, but not for railfanning. Having said that, I'd also like to shoot Montana Rail Link, the Columbia River gorge, Tehachapi, Moffat . . . I could go on.

2. My first choice for a foreign shoot would, I think, be the Settle-Carlisle line, preferably with steam. Beyond that, searching or remaining steam in Cuba would be fun, I'd like to do Germany and Switzerland, the Andes, and the Canadian Rockies.

3. The K-4 on Horshoe Curve. The DDA40X on Sherman Hill. A stainless steel Zephyr consist over Moffat.

BTW, Joe, you better hurry up and catch the Ohio Central before it looks just like all the other G&W lines.

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