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Default Bad Angle & Bad Cropping - help

Hey all,
Been trying to get back into things here, but what looks good in my personal collection... well, more rejects.

- Bad Angle
I can see how "images in which the train is going away from the viewer" is part of the description, and that alone can be appealed since this was being shoved towards me, but I suspect there could be more.

Bad Cropping
Not sure on this one. Any input on this shot, or how to possible "do it over" if the oportunity were to present itself would be great.

I'm already happy with these in the personal collection, but I'm looking to make what I can do be RP worthy... I have a very small collection here I'd like to see growing.
Any and all input welcome.

Thanks in advance,
Jeff B.

What little I have is here...
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