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Originally Posted by Freericks View Post
Well, not really... but asking for thoughts on a photo that is in the database. At home the color looked perfect on this old slide scan - but at work it looks red/purple.

I would like to hear what others think? She I re-process and resubmit, or is it right?

Image © Charles J Freericks
PhotoID: 428332
Photograph © Charles J Freericks

As an aside, if one of the usual suspects feels like posting about "view whoring," I think the last time I linked to a photo in these forums it got another 5 (five) views... so no, that's not the point here.
Pffft... everyone knows you're after those 5 extra views, Charles! Was it
not enough you took me out (made my GW #90 shot go #5) just yesterday???

After all, it's much easier to simply "save image location" with a right mouse click and viola:

But I digress... to answer your question, yes, it did look a little purple.

One of the easiest methods I use to check is "auto color". It's like a screener WITH advice, lol.

So - here I simply went "auto color", added 2 steps magenta as a preference as it then looked much better but a little green (I believe the technical term used on RP was "2 pubic hairs" green which I did not like - no one likes green pubic hairs.

THEN... I went to shadows and highlights to bring out some detail in the nose but set the black clipping point to "3" to keep the contrast. I left the highlights but bumped up the shadow detail (same as "Fill"). Last, I went into Levels and slid the slider (highlights) since there was some empty space (image was slightly dark).

Viola: the Sequel:

Name:  Amtrak E9 C C Freericks RP Edit.jpg
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