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Originally Posted by bigbassloyd View Post
Judging from what I couldn't do with it in photoshop, I think you overshot the limits of that 40d. I owned and used one for a couple years, and it would simply choke when it came to highly dynamic scenes. Perhaps if the original was previewed, I could give some advice as I think it could possibly work. As it stands, the IQ is pretty bad; it's noisy, slightly blurry, and the contrast seems way off.

Loyd L.
My "state of the art, 10 years ago" equipment is really shows it's age under conditions like this...

I was shooting with a 100-400L on a tripod, focus seemed ok in the raw's. But that noise...

40d was never a good high ISO camera, I think I shot it at ISO640, which is a stretch for that body

I wanted something different, gambled and lost... and now regret that decision

I've got several others with just the 611, closer, with no Amtrak i'm going to play with. I wanted to give this one a shot first
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