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Originally Posted by KevinM View Post
Hi Troy,

As a die-hard steam addict, I see what you are going for, but the RP Gods are just not seeing the wafting cloud of smoke as a right-side element. Do you have any frames after the locomotive came through the crossing? That might be an alright shot.
I do, I just really liked the effect the smoke plume had in this shot and wanted to see if it would get by. I also made some mistakes switching from vertical to horizontal while shooting this scene. I admittedly made some poor decisions shooting this one, and don't have as many "good" frames of the best run it had in good light

I am not seeing the IQ issues right now, but I would never use my work laptop to judge photo IQ.

With regard to camera bodies, if you've had it with the 40D, you might ask around and see if anyone here or in your circle of amigos has an older body that they are willing to part with. The 40D is getting pretty long in the tooth. I gave away all of my old Nikon bodies from that era to family members a couple of years back. The oldest thing I have now is a D7000 crop body and from an ISO standpoint, it probably runs circles around the 40D. My point is that even something 5 years old will be better for you than the 40D, and it should not cost a king's ransom. If you buy it from a friend, you'll at least know how it was treated. If you buy on Craig's List, you'd be rolling the dice. Just to give you an idea how much the value of camera bodies falls off, I bought my D4 for $6,000 in 2013....4 years ago. I had a major camera store offer me $1,700 for it a year ago. It's worth far more than that to me. It's still a kick-ass camera. I would think you could find a 7D that might be a huge improvement for a lot less than a 5D3.
Since I started this thread back in April, I have bought a used (Canon refurb) 6d, and that's what this shot was taken on. So the IQ issues referenced earlier are not really valid.

I know folks always stress the value of good glass, but if you shoot in a variety of conditions like I do, the body is important too.
Yep, I was definitely at a point where my glass was better than the body I was shooting on and it was hampering me.
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