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Originally Posted by miningcamper1 View Post
But how would all of that solve the problem? An exposure sufficient to capture the train is also capturing all of that red flare from the crossing flashers.
From my experiences in the dark, wide open aperture with a predominately red (or green) light source facing the sensor is not a great idea. I would bet Bob is using one of his prime lenses with a wfo aperture, cause that's how Bob rolls.

I'd shoot the background with whatever settings, and shoot the crossing and train stopped down significantly, with iso cranked to yield a similar exposure level (id go darker for more of a silhouette but ymmv) . Angle of attack also factors into the equation as well, so I would get a little more off-axis of the crossing lights too. With two separate images you can also do a bit more in photoshop to curtail unwanted red if necessary.

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