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Originally Posted by KevinM View Post
I'm OK with the shot of the girl emptying her water bottle....well generally, anyway. I thought you might be referring to this shot:
photoid=711117............., the latter of which wouldn't be appropriate here.
I am perfectly fine with
Image © Adam B. Reich
PhotoID: 711101
Photograph © Adam B. Reich
and I think it is very appropriate. I was simply being sarcastic towards the screener or RP in general for the posting all the skin or bun shots as you call them and then they had the "nerve" to post a girl appropriately dressed....

I know it is their site, their rules (when they chose to apply them).......but I thought this was a professional site not a "gentlemen's club". If people want to see the skin, there is plenty other places to find it rather than here. I dont see those pics as artistic either but merely click bait and exploitation of women and the latter, well there is way to much of that already without encouraging it. Just my humble opinion and probably not a popular one.

In regards to Matt's current screener's choice, I see tons of blurr in it, guess the screener's eyes where still distorted from the buns....
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