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As noted, I think the concept of girls with trains is fine, as long as the photos are good quality images with a well-defined subject and the women are tastefully portrayed. It's fine as long as folks don't abuse it. Out of 1900+ images, I think I have fewer than 5 pretty girl shots.
Image © Kevin Madore
PhotoID: 697279
Photograph © Kevin Madore

I like this one the best because it was such a pleasant surprise. None of the photographers had any clue they were going to show up, but once they did, the UP Agents quickly facilitated an impromptu photo shoot. Obviously, it was a no-brainer for the UP folks that two, pretty Wyoming Cowgirls toting the stars and stripes would look great in photos with their locomotive. The girls did a great job too. The gal on the right did contact me afterward and I sent her some photos. This photo has since been picked up by a German Railfan Magazine and they included it in a special Big Boy 2020 Calendar, which is a beautiful collection of shots by a bunch of different photographers, some of whom post on RP. I asked the editor if he'd send the girls a couple copies and he said he'd be glad to.

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