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Originally Posted by mowingman View Post
It was just a special photo event. No, not back in business, and not raising money to open back up.
Concur. I suspect that the event was organized by and for people who WISH that the EBT could operate again. Unfortunately, I was committed to another charter event last weekend and could not have attended, even if I had known about it in time to get one of the tickets.

Quite honestly, I think the next major milestone for EBT will happen either when some sugar-daddy buys the railroad to save it (least likely), or when the owner passes, and his estate sells it off.....quite possibly piece by piece (more likely). The owner apparently does care that it all stays together, but who knows about the family. They might just be looking to cash in the chips.

It's sad that Paul Allen is gone. He had an interest in history, and the funds it would take to save and develop the EBT would have been chump change for him.

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