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Try to get more of the train (cars) than just 3/4th shots. Also, all of your shots are backlit. You can brighten the nose a bit, but not too much, otherwise you'll get hit for manipulation.

First shot: No chance of getting in. The train itself is a bit blurry, and the photo seems more of "Ron's Cleaners" than it is of the train. It is also backlit, meaning the sun was in your face while you take the shot (It should be on your back).

Second Shot. Limited chance of getting it in. The background is blurry, making it look like you used too low of a shutter speed and/or you were walking while you took it. The train is too centered (once again, more train is needed), and the pixel quality of the image is just too low.

Third Shot. Limited chance of getting it in. You have some harsh highlights and some dark backgrounds, making increasing the exposure nearly impossible. It is also backlit. The photo would of been better if the train was headed the opposite direction, and you were closer to the tracks, allowing you to shoot at a shallower angle.

Fourth shot. This is the best of them all in my oppinion. Still won't get in though. Once again, backlit and harsh highlights. The picture would of better if the train was going the opposite direction and you were closer to the tracks.

You seem to have a great camera (Nikon D70), but your image quality seems a bit lacking... I would try to set the quality setings as high as possible (I usually shoot RAW .NEF's whenever I can, otherwise JPEG-Fine) and use the lowest ISO possible (of course, I do have 2 shots in the database where I've streched and used 1600). Also, try resizing your photos before uploading, so your photos dont get hit by another compression element when being web-resized.

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