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Default Congratulations On Your First Birthday!

My name is David. I've had just 3 out of I think 30 photos accepted, but I don't mind. Because Railpictures has high standards, I am very proud of the three photos you did accept. I'm new to rail photography, and I'm definitely learning from the rejections. My camera, a Minolta DiMAGE S-414, isn't top of the line, but I intend push it to its limits and get the best pictures I can from it. I have a tripod, I have image editing software, and I have a busy railroad right behind my apartment building. I hope you won't mind if I keep trying to impress you. Maybe one day I'll have more photos accepted than rejected. Gotta start somewhere, right?

Great site, great pictures! Keep up the good work!

Mt. Vernon, New York
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