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Default Caboose Tracking

Hey all,

There used to be a set of cabooses in my hometown and I was wondering if there is anyone here who has ever tracked cabooses from one place to another. There were two cabooses that used to sit next to the mainline that hold a little bit of sentimental value to me and I wanted to find out where they went. I was able to use Google to find one which was an old Pennsy N-5 caboose.

Upland Caboose

The other one I wanted to find was a B&O bay window caboose. I don't know the class and I don't know the number. All I know is it used to be in Carlisle, OH. I've googled myself out looking for this one and I've run out of ideas. If anyone could tell me how I might be able to track it down, that would me much appreciated.


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