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Originally Posted by miningcamper1 View Post
300mm full frame equivalent in Chris' shot...
I was happy to hear Chris was one of the few sharing EXIF info but later noticed it was hidden. I find it a shame people omit this info as it helps others learn, improve - lol, and better utilize their time in any possible attempt to emulate the shot, but perhaps with their own style. It's a hobby, right - or is it a business with trade secrets?

How did you come to the conclusion that Chris was at 300 mm?

BTW - forgot to mention - minigcamper1, you are correct, a crop sensor is like a full frame cropped. If you are using a crop sensor camera, it would be like using a full frame camera but only exposing the middle of the sensor.

A crop sensor is like having your own built in extender (1.6 for Canon, I believe and 1.5? for Nikon), ie; a 100 mm lens would give you a 160 mm lens looking shot. 'Course, a crop sensor usually has smaller pixels resulting in less low light performance - and, on the other end, you can not go as wide as you loose it on the opposite end.

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