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Originally Posted by bigbassloyd View Post
Oh the fun stuff I could show you with my 600mm and aggressive cropping. That is, if I shared my photos more. lol

Loyd L.
Why not share?

I've had a ball with my Canon 300mm with a near permanently attatched 1.4 extender. Missed a lot of shots after the first clicks, patiently watching others zoom further and further out getting more perspectives. The 300 mm f/4 is a bargain, and sharp, however. Many more opportunities with my 100-400mm with the 1.4 attached (420 mm equivalent) but gotta up the ISO considerably at f/8 when maxed.

I find the only time I can use the lens, however, is at sunrise and sunset - both before and after the ground warms up. Don't know how Steve Schmollinger does it in between - perhaps it's that dry Texas air.

Saw some really nice results with Sigma's 150-600mm - even with a 1.4 or so attached. Seemed even better than Canon (ugh). As I understand it, that lens even comes with calibration software - and it shines when tuned.

Wonder if any weaknesses would become more apparent at higher resolutions - say, a 40-50 MP?

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