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Default Possible US trip

Hi Chaps.
I'm just musing at the moment, but I am considering travelling from the UK to the US in the spring for a flying visit. This would be my first time in the US.

Ever since I first became interested in railways as a child in the mid 1950s, I have been fascinated by the UP Big Boy locos. (They were still working in those days).
I suppose seeing one (and photographing it) is on my "Bucket list".

I am a steam fan and since it's relatively easy and inexpensive to fly from Manchester to NY, I am wondering about a few days where I would: Drive from EWR to Baltimore for the B&O museum; Then on to Strasburg for the Museum at Pennsylvania; Finally going to Scranton, to Steamtown to see the monster; Back to EWR for the flight home.

I have a few questions:
1. Does this sound feasible over 4 days?
2. Are these museums worth visiting?
3. What are the photo possibilities at these museums? (I would have a fisheye, a 16-35 and a 24-70 with me).
4. Is the area that the Baltimore museum is sited safe?
5. Would I be able to meet up with any of you guys during such a trip?

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