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Definitely doable!

I second flying into Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

A possibility - if you are up to max your sights, would be:

Day one:
Morning - Amtrak's Northeast Corridor midway to Baltimore for sights by the Susquehanna River Bridge - wanna get out of Philly to avoid traffic. Then on to the B&O Museum - morning shots are OK in the yard but not spectacular - focus instead on equipment in the museum. Head back to Havre de Grace /Perrryville for sunset shots and /or - head over towards Strasburg. Another option - if a weekend, head towards Wilmington, DE to catch the Wilmington and Western Railroad in the AM, and Strasburg in the PM.

Day two:
1/2 day at the W&W, half day at Strasburg - lots to see, not much time.
Full day at Strasburg Rail Road with a mid-day visit to the RR Museum of PA.
Head towards Scranton.

Day three:
Steamtown - 0-6-0 No. 26 runs and tour the museum and grounds.
Head back to Philly.

Other possibilities for a full day might include a visit to the New Hope and Ivyland (check schedule) in the AM, and a visit to the Black River and Western PM. Might even work a visit along Amtrak's NEC super AM or late PM.

From Baltimore - a ride to New Freedom, PA is an option, too - if you have any interest in seeing a "new" 4-4-0 in operation.

Don't forget the obligatory cheese steak in Philadelphia!

Keep us posted on the date(s) - maybe you'll find yourself a tour guide.

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