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It is targeted - one, by one, hitting just four recently. As I noted - there are still others, just not to the same extreme - some campaigning, others simply prolific in sharing. I'm not looking to call any one specific person out - they may simply find it easier to post a link than the photo and a rewritten caption, though a swift ride to the front page is no doubt a well known perk when linking. Funny how no one links after the first 24 hours...

As for "knowing somebody in the circle" - that was not to be taken literally, rather, it was an analogy. You'll note a relatively exclusive circle of folks featured routinely in TRAINS and Railfan. The same started to happen on RP. It was not who you knew in the magazine, it was who you knew via links. In other words, it was no longer about good pictures.

When I first started posting to RP - I loved the fact there were no politics, no campaigning, no brown-nosing - it was all about the photo. You didn't have to "know" someone, you didn't have to "sell" your shot nor work to promote it. You just put it out there and let it speak for itself. The one hour idea was simply a way to promote linking to appease Admin ($$) yet allow everyone else with good photos an opportunity at the front page - without counter link whoring. I solicit images here and there to the periodicals, but for RP, just not interested in becoming an employee. It takes me long enough to write an informative caption! It's supposed to be fun, right? RP gets views, its patron's get seen. And it sucks when your best stuff does not get seen because there's a big random derailment (or link campaign) blocking the view the day you just happened to upload your best.

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