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Originally Posted by Mgoldman View Post
.... And it sucks when your best stuff does not get seen because there's a big random derailment (or link campaign) blocking the view the day you just happened to upload your best.

While derailments/wrecks are not "Pretty", it is still a part of railroading and worthy of documenting and sharing, especially if its personal (involves a family member). Those shots usually garner a lot of views simply because they just dont happen everyday. One of my top shots was of a local wreck and it gained a lot of views and no linking was done as I only post here on RP and RPA. I have no other social accounts. The solution is simple, kill all linked views towards the count and let the picture speak for itself. That way RP still makes $$ from reaching other audiences via the links and us here on RP really know what the RP audience thinks of our accepted shots. I personally like when a shot of mine hits the top 4 (who dont?) and naturally, I want it to stay there for as long it can until my time is up and on to the next great picture....
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