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Originally Posted by Moffat Road View Post
Mr. Frybourg also compares the inequities of U.S. and Canada photos in SC and POTW awards compared to the rest of the world. Yes, there is a U.S. bias, but the RailPictures is a U.S.-based website! If a similar railroad photo website was located in Switzerland or Germany, or somewhere else, I would NOT expect U.S. photography to have majority of the SC or POTW images.

Mike Danneman
Well pointed out Mike. I have appreciated your photography ever since "Steel Rails Across America" was published in 1989 and I declared the Americans have finally arrived! Returning to your comment, there are similar websites in Germany and elsewhere in Europe and I note that American involvement is rather limited. Indeed the European domination is probably more than US/ Canada domination on RP. But over time that might change. A regular US based contributor and voting member on one site left RP with his photos and told me how he has grown in his appreciation of foreign trains since he moved to the site.

I personally don't care much about awards or view data. Nor can I believe a significant number of viewers just look at the home page. The issue is that RP being what it is - a US based and biased site - will not be worthwhile or become too frustrating for many newcomers outside North America. The perception of harsher screening of photos of foreign trains by possibly every RP member/ viewer in this country means most give up and seem to have little interest in the site. That leaves a most miserly home audience. This thread started with the reputation of RP and this is another aspect of this debate IMO. I can't see this debate changing anything unless we, the customers, change our behavior (just like for any other business really.) If you don't like the bias or preferences here then how about showing appreciation of photos that you find so worthy? As much as I admire Jean-Marc for his passionate stand, I don't recall he has ever liked a single photo I have here. As Loyd well said, the faves tell the story. But it's not the story it should be. I appreciate the RP community but we are miserable! I'm not sure what the active membership/ viewership is now for RP but let's say it's 35000. With around 1% that in my following on flickr, my photos there fairly consistently get more faves (many times as many) also almost all from overseas from similar number of views. I have selected around 5% of whole RP photo database as favorites despite joining only 7 years ago. That's not nearly enough! I only realized in the last year that I should favorite the photos I add to albums to show appreciation to the photographers and hopefully encourage them to continue posting. I suspect that it's only with more viewer appreciation that we will see more screener appreciation for our photos and the continued international growth for this precious site.

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