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Originally Posted by bigbassloyd View Post
I'll admit that I'm quite stingy with likes and comments on here. It has to be a shot that hits me in the feels, or is a technically difficult capture that is well executed. I'm not a guy with social media standards.

Loyd L.
Loyd, I feel the same way. I am probably more free with Comments than with Favorites. I have always reserved Favorites for images that I wish were mine....meaning they were photos that were better than mine, or photos of subjects I wanted to capture. These were images I would hold up and say: "This is where I want to be." That's still the case, but as we progress with our photography and (hopefully) get better, we raise the bar so to speak with respect to our goals.....better lighting, better composition, better processing, more technically difficult, etc. So, images that I might have favorited 10 years ago would probably not get the flag today.

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