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Originally Posted by asis80 View Post

I'm sure everyone and their mother has shot the crap out of one location, and I'm sure the same people are getting tired of mindless, one armed monkey, wedgie shots. Sure, power is great sometimes, but this is the best of the net. I am in no way saying the above is best of the net, but with all this above mention of relentless over shooting, over wedgie-fying every spot on this god given earth, we are forced to think outside of the box, no? Maybe I can crop in a little tighter, maybe. A full sized train would have helped here, yes. But a derailment 100 miles to the east of here halted all traffic for most of the day and this AVR move was the only thing running. What do you think? Crop in more? This is basically the original image, the placement of the train and the space around it mostly how the original is. I give up, honestly. Tell us RP, what do YOU want? Because I just don't know anymore.

Are you serious or joking? I cant really tell if you submitted that as a joke or not...
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