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Originally Posted by Joe the Photog View Post
Mr. Pick;

That site which you linked that shot from is not meant to compete with this site quality wise. It is not screened and it doesn't claim to have the best pictures on the net. That would be like comparing some of the better TV shows on network out there to some local access cable show put on by Wayne and Garth. Not a fair comparision.
I probably didn't articulate what I was trying to say very well. My bad. Let me try again. The point was to show the impact screening has on this site by looking at a too typical shot from an unscreened site.

So, while there is pain and suffering when the rules seem too rigid and a submitted shot is rejected, maybe even unfairly, overall the pain is worth it. If there is no enforced standard, even a subjective one, then the above picture is what you would ultimately end up with here.

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