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Default No Accounting for Taste...Mine, That Is

I am getting really confused. Last weekend I shot this picture:

I thought it was pretty cool. I liked the way it turned out after getting shot down twice for bad cropping (it was landscape and needed to be portrait, I could see it after working on it for a while.) I think it is one of the finest pictures I have taken.

Then on Tuesday morning, on my way to work I see a headlight, wait for the train, and shoot this:

I like it OK. It has something in the shot besides the train to make it interesting, but I still don't think it is super fantastic. The best thing about it is the Cascade Green!

The second shot gets almost triple the views of the first one. Does this happen to anyone else? I thought I had a masterpiece with the GE, and shot the SD as an afterthought on my way to work. Just goes to show I don't know as much as I think.

I'm not complaining, just making an observation that my judgement leaves something to be desired!

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