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Originally Posted by Save The Wave
I disagree with this. I've got numerous well lit and well composed shots, but no one gives a damn because they're not shot in the mountains. Unless it's a) a UP heritage unit, b) a wreck, or c) from somewhere in the mountainous west, the view count is going to be pathetically low.
Regarding thoughts on using view count as measure on RP:

Look at Michael Bhien's recent photos, all brilliantly composed and well lit and all from "mountainous West". None of them made Top Photo of the Day and as I recall were beaten out by a roster shot and a shot from the East.

The problem with view count is clear - you have a varying audience and if you submit late in the day, as Michael did, you have a limited audience as well. Views are based on interest - a great photo, or a photo which requires magnification to see certain details is always going to gather more views then a generic shot. It's not which shot is better, rather which shot generates more interest with the viewing audience.

If you want more views, take photos that stand apart from the rest in interest, uniqueness or creativity and while you're at it, post as early as possible - RP opens for bussiness at 1AM Eastern every morning, so post between 1 AM and 10 AM for the most exposure.
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