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Originally Posted by Save The Wave
I disagree with this. I've got numerous well lit and well composed shots, but no one gives a damn because they're not shot in the mountains. Unless it's a) a UP heritage unit, b) a wreck, or c) from somewhere in the mountainous west, the view count is going to be pathetically low.

Sorry for the confusion, I think you misunderstood exactly what I was saying. The views comment was dealing with Jim's two shots in particular (as a compairison between those two images) and is not applicapble to the site as a whole. I'll be the first to agree that views are not a good guage to determine how "good" a photo is. It is simply a function of how many people are compelled to click on your thumbnail to see the large size. Does that have anything to do with how good the image is? Sometimes, yes....but certainly not always.
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