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You asked for it!!
Sun setting over Lake Chautauqua in Celeron, NY on July 30, 2007.
A flower in my backyard on a nice and wet day. May 22, 2007
Looking west in the Cuyahoga River at Kent, OH on May 13, 2007
Same story as previous photo - in this photo, you can catch a glimpse of why I was here!
Happy horses in a field at Bolivar, OH - 5/6/07
My friend's backyard at 6am on 4/7/07 - Woodmere, OH
Grabshot out of car window in Mentor, OH on 4/6/07
Cuyahoga River in Peninsula, OH on 9/10/06
Reservoir in Norton, OH on 10/29/06
Toronto, ON, CA in front of a magnificent sunset on 4/15/06
The falls, of course, on 4/15/06
Grab shot of New London, OH reservoir on 5/25/08
Random idea for photo at Attica Junction, OH - 5/25/08

A couple train related, but I like them anyways, photos aren't about the trains:
Sun setting in Kenmore, OH with CSX Q353-24 accelerating. 10/24/07
Signals at CP 194 on NS in Berea, OH on 4/5/08

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