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Originally Posted by JimThias View Post
Geezuz, that should be a default, especially when shooting bridge shots with a small window of opportunity! With digital, there is no reason not to machine gun it with a scene like this.
I wasn't thinking quite clearly, I was running on two hours of sleep lol. I even had the focus locked I don't know why I didn't turn on machine gun mode..

Originally Posted by Ron Flanary View Post
Wayne---we were ahead of the train at this point, and I was scouting good locations for my two friends from Kentucky, who weren't as familiar with the line. On old US 11 we drove my the old depot at Seven Mile Ford (no good shot...), and one of them asked about the "famous" O Winston Link bridge shot. For those who don't know, this was taken in December 1957, during the last month of steam on the Bristol Line:

Of course the old house on the right is gone, but the bridge is obviously still there. As we got closer, I could see a throng of cars at the bridge, so we pressed on to Marion instead. Even in 1957, it was a very tight shot. Today, it's nearly impossible---unless you have a machine gun shutter, as Jim noted. If more of the engine had been visible before the next group of tree branches obscured the front, it would have been a nice shot.

As a matter of trivia, the class J roaring across the bridge in 1957 (on train 42, the eastbound "Pelican") is none other than famous 611.
Thanks for the history lesson Ron, unfortunately this is where my chase ended' and even though the shot didn't make it onto here I'm still happy that I shot it. Hopefully they'll run it next year so I can try again.
Originally Posted by KevinM View Post
I second Jim's advice. When shooting a scene where the exact position of the train is critical, always shoot in burst mode. In fact, the shutter release mode on my D7000 seldom ever leaves the CH (continuous high) position. I can still shoot single frames, but full-auto fire is a trigger pull away.

Gun the subject down!! You can always delete the non-keepers later.
Thanks I will from now on! The D700 can do 8fps, my worry was the buffer filling up to fast. I need faster cards.
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