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I have had mistakes (naming and location info) pointed out on comments and by email.

I don't really care how the info is transmitted, I try to be accurate, but alas I don't know everything.

(I also embellish on occasion to see if anybody is actually paying attention - my favorite embellishment is the numerous references to the mythical Barstow Power Pool.)

I have learned all sorts of new things from discussions that started as a comment and moved to an extensive email exchange.

As for the anonymous posters, I am reasonably sure they are not the admins - since Tom Riddle seems to have no problem leaving snarky comments under his own name.

The comments are vetted both electronically (such as for too much punctuation) and they are screened.

The screeners will remove off color comments once posted and I'm sure there are people who request their removal.

I have never done this, I just post an answer like in this forum.

Also, with regard to the anonymous comments it seems I have a small following of trolls who periodically make their feelings known - I don't mind and sometimes their comments are constructive.

(The comment listed below as "most inspirational" was one such comment.)

As for fixing photo errors, sure that would be nice (I have one with a pretty obvious dust spot that I missed) but emailing the admins is not very successful, and I just don't want to throw that much effort at the issue.

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