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Originally Posted by hoydie17 View Post
To me, it's considerably different. If you're shooting in B&W from the camera, you are making a choice then and there that you wanted a B&W photo for a specific reason. There was a motive that you felt B&W would better tell the story of the photo.

People who jump over to B&W when they get to post processing are usually trying to polish a turd. Their exposure was off, the colors were poorly reproduced or any number of other problems. There often seems to be this misguided theory that B&W can "cover up" the technical mistakes one makes when shooting a photo.

Call a spade a spade, how many people have you seen use B&W to cover up high sun, or hideous backlighting that was painfully obvious in color?
So what you're saying is if someone is inspired to shoot in B&W because they think they'll like the way it makes the scene look, then it's unacceptable to wait until post processing to come up with the same result?

And what would those "specific reasons" be that someone would shoot in B&W, hence making it acceptable, as opposed to using those specific reasons to later convert in post?

This all sounds like a bunch of ballyhoo to me. The end product is what matters to me, not the process in which it was achieved.
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