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Originally Posted by miningcamper1 View Post
That one, along with this one:
Image © Jeff Terry
PhotoID: 484216
Photograph © Jeff Terry

surely deserve a place of honor in the Freeman Hubbard/Virgil Staff Gallery of Fine Photography!
I saw this chick there Friday and Saturday. The way she was dressed, she looked very out of place.

I figured she was the wife/girlfriend/daughter of some VIP, or an employee.

Interesting that she is a railfan and engineer, there was a thread on trainorders about her yesterday, but that disappeared

Originally Posted by MagnumForce View Post
Just appalls me at how easily railfans are all OMG A WOMAN! And I am sure somewhere someone is making a "caboose" comment about a middle aged woman in baggy jeans in the creepiest foamer way possible. These creepy shots come up time and time again.
LoL, agree...

I automatically felt sorry for any decent looking woman present at this event because they were instant creeper mode targets, lol
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