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Originally Posted by JimThias View Post
So what do you see when you look at the three individual photos above? I asked someone that the other day and they said all three looked similar, but the brightness was different.

No matter what monitor I view the middle dress on, it looks exactly the same: Light blue and bronze (or blue and olive-brown as SFO777 posted above). I don't see white and gold like the dress on the left, nor do I see blue and black like the dress on the right.
Hi Jim,

I just looked again. On my desktop and laptop (both are PCs), I see the crappy white and bronzish that you see in the original image. On my IPAD, the original image is blue and black.

With regard to the three side-by-side images in your last post, I see exactly what you see on the PCs.....and still see exactly what you see on my IPAD. The fact that the center image is not blue and black on the IPAD like the one that started this thread is puzzling to me.

With regard to Lloyd's comment about how ugly the dress might be, my response is that it really depends upon who is wearing it.

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