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Originally Posted by ExNavyDoc View Post
Well, did some testing this morning with 2 different lenses, and there is definitely an autofocus problem.

Talked to a Nikon rep, and the camera will being going in for service this week.

Any advice on the cost-benefit ratio, given that it is nearly 8 years old? At what point is it not worth fixing?

Don't want to be polishing a turd here.

Hi Mike,

Ultimately, I think you need to retire that camera. It's an 8-year old, 12 MP sensor. Even the consumer cameras will run circles around that now from an IQ standpoint. The question is, whether or not you should repair the camera and then sell it, or just junk it. A refurb D300S (newer body) is selling for about $1,100, but you are unlikely to get that. I would get the quote from Nikon and if the price to repair it is over $300-400, I would not waste the money. You would be lucky to recover much more than your additional investment on a resale afterward. You've gotten your money's worth out of it. You can get a NEW D7100 for $800, and that's a 24 MP camera with the most awesome AF frame coverage of any DX camera. It won't shoot 8 FPS (it shoots 6 FPS), and it does not quite have the build quality or the pro interface, but it's an excellent camera and worlds better than what you are shooting. For $300 more, you can get a D7200, which is the latest and greatest DX camera.

I think you did say that all of your lenses were DX lenses....correct? If that is the case, you're pretty much limited to a DX camera as a replacement. Unfortunately, Nikon never really replaced the D300 with another "pro" DX camera.

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