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Originally Posted by KevinM View Post
What Kent said.... Shoot a page of sharp text vs. a brick wall. With text you'll know what you SHOULD see when you view the image at 100%. Also, remember to turn off VR when shooting off the tripod.

Good luck. I had an AF problem suddenly develop with my D7000 a couple of years ago, and ended up with a lot of very soft images on an expensive charter. I sent the camera back to Nikon and they charged me about $250 (not including my cost for shipping and insurance) to "service" the camera without really ever telling me what they did. It came back working correctly, but I was not happy that they did not reveal the source of the trouble to me.

Wait, your gear comes back repaired but you are not happy?

Did you ask them what they did? In these days of computerized records, it should be easy to get.

I would understand unhappiness if they did not fix it. If it came back fixed I would be relieved and very pleased. I would by only mildly curious what was wrong. In the end, even if it breaks again, it does not really matter. Only thing that matters is that it works when you need it to.

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