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Originally Posted by Joseph Cermak View Post
I agree that I think the shot has enough merit, but not by the "standards" of RP. I've had shots rejected for foreground clutter for a few blades of grass. Or if a deck girder bridge is also a foreground clutter rejection.
Joseph, I know you are still feeling your way around RP, but the "standards" are not at issue in this case. Enforcement of the "standards", in practice, depend on the overall merit of the shot. No standard is hard and fast - that's the reality. Sometimes it is inconsistency, sometimes it is major differences in the overall merit of the shot, sometimes somewhere in between. That's why it can be tricky to compare rejected and accepted shots. Of course, sometimes it is easy, as in this case, where there is no way this shot gets rejected. (Well ... some screeners, in some moods, would surely find a way. )

Unlike some, I am fine with posing the comparisons, say in addressing a particular issue, but sometimes the response to the comparison is "nope, not a valid comparison given the other differences between the shots."
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