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Originally Posted by RobJor View Post
This unit is not moving so that is only view available short of a weed wacker plus the weeds supplement the abandoned story so I am OK with it.

As far as yours, given the type of line it is I consider weeds part of expected scene which is pleasant so could be accepted.

I am not a fan of posing tractors, cars, cute kids etc in front of subject or backsides of fans taking photos(ok for your loca show) but will own up to this one which was complete serendipity.

Image © Robert Jordan
PhotoID: 589896
Photograph © Robert Jordan

Just cannot go wrong with a classic Mustang (sorry Chevy lovers, umm not), especially one like this that appears to have been maliciously restored. The train still holds it own.

To the OP - Loyd hit the nail on the head. Weeds in general is gonna kill a "normal" pic especially a loco that is in operation while something that is abandon or rusting away that may hold historical significance will get a pass.
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