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Default Would this fly for artistic value?

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I caught a westbound intermodal rolling out of Nampa, ID today, and decided to try a unique composition, with some discarded Lego piece I found on the ground at the location I was set up at. Had my video camera rolling on a tripod, meanwhile I got down on the ground, stuck the Lego piece into the dirt, and managed to get focused on it, with the tracks in the background - perfection, or so I thought. However, I wound up taking the shot about half a second too early, so the composition of the original photo (the colored one) was pretty poor. So, I decided to make some edits, and wound up with the (mostly) B&W photo, cropping to a better composition (in my opinion) and setting the vibrance to zero - I wanted to retain just a little color, hence why I adjusted vibrance and not saturation. Finished off with some vignette and some contrast and brightness adjustments, wound up with what you see here.

So, that all being said, would the artistic value of this make up for the abnormal aspects of the photo? I decided to try and make a departure from the common wedgie, but wanted to pass it by here first before resizing and submitting it.
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