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Well, I actually came up with a connection between the Lego piece and the train...
The Consumer Goods Life Cycle
Most consumer goods - for instance, LEGOs - after being produced in the factory, need to be shipped somewhere. Oftentimes, the method of shipment is in a shipping container which winds up on an intermodal train, such as the one seen in the background of this photo.

Then, they get sold to somebody, and enter the main part of their life cycle - usage by the consumer, or even multiple, as it goes about its existence doing what it was created to do.

Eventually, however, the product reaches the end of the line, and, more often than not, will wind up cast by the wayside, abandoned, waiting for a second chance that will likely never come. This particular LEGO piece has hit that phase, sticking out of the dirt, likely never to be used for its intended purpose ever again. For years to come, it will lie in ever-encroaching ruin, getting buried, and lost to the sands of time...
As for the darkness, the lighting certainly wasn't great that day, but to me I feel as though that aids in highlighting the plight of the Lego piece. Maybe it's just me though.
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