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It is backlit - or more accurately - sidelit - the lighting appears about 90 deg to the camera angle, but not fatally so. What ususally makes a backlit shot bad it that the subject is so dark you can't make out details in the shadows. That isn't the case here as you can see the details on the trucks, for example, just fine.

This shot has a lot going for it. It is well composed, properly exposed, althought the foreground is a bit washed out, and of a really interesting subject - a converted GP40 in South America. I think the dark rock background is also interesting. That and the cacti and brush in the shot set the scene nicely.

If you had shot this 8 hours earlier, you'd have had "perfect" over the shoulder lighting, but I'm not certain you'd have had a better shot. The foreground exposure would have been better, but the rock background would have been bright and you'd have lost the exhaust plume.

The screeners on this site don't generally like backlit shots unless they are of the "dramatic, high contrast" variety, ala
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