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Originally Posted by milwman
I think it was the time of day and was open up a lot, so the field of focus was short. Looks sharp at the hand rails
The EXIF is corrupted, so I don't know what Bill was using. If it was a Canon crop-sensor body and a 200mm at f/4, focused at 200 feet, the depth of field is 47 feet. If it is a 300mm, f/4, and 500 feet, depth of field is 160 feet. At telephoto, field of focus just isn't that short.

It's decently sharp, it fits my personal range of sharpness, especially given the composition with the heat waves and the sunset mood, but I don't think it meets RP's criteria.

Here's tele sharp, 300mm or maybe 400, just up the line at Weverton:
Image © Daniel Putz
PhotoID: 177864
Photograph © Daniel Putz
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