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Hey guy's, how are you making out?

My Name is Jose Nevarez I live in Manchester, NH, I'm 37 years old and I'm currently employed by Guilford Rail Systems as a Chief Train Dispatcher for 6 years now. I enjoy preaty much all aspects of railroading but mostly the historical part of it. I'am a speed freak, so I enjoy watching fast moving freight like on the Chicago Line. It was nice when Conrail use to run the vantrains at 70MPH. Don't get me wrong I defenetly do enjoy watching mountain railroading. My favorite place was down in the Appalachia, VA and the Kingsport, TN area on the Clinchfield RR, Southern RR and L&N RR areas. My other interest behind railfaning is Military air power and auto racing, not NASCAR but American Le Mans Series. This is one of the reasons why I'm a speed freak. After getting some experience on the track, me and my buddy strap on the 4 point seat belts and hit the back mountain roads train chasing. The camera I shoot with is a Canon EOS Rebel G with a 28mm to 70mm 2.8f and a 135mm to 400mm lens which never comes off the camera I just purchased a new slide scanner from Minolta and I'll be looking load some images as soon as I settle down with the scanner. This web site does have some grate photographer in it and some great photo too.

Safety First & Speed safely
Jose Nevarez

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