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Default Introduce Yourself to the Forum!

Hi Kids- hopefully this will land in the introduction forum. I'll probably be 'Gramps" to most of you. I'm a longtime railfan...born, raised in Seattle,WA- lived above Boeing Field on the east side of the runways-and played as a kid on the railroad tracks east of the airport-so I had the best of both worlds. Planes and Trains. Got to watch the rail traffic below our house until we moved to California in 1964, and saw plenty of old-time trains-too poor for a camera. I've been photo/video-ing airliners for many years-and always a train or two whenever I had the time.
I've been video-taping trains since mid '80's -as I love the sounds and action of passing Amtraks, Caltrains and Freights through the San Jose-Gilroy area. I've been to 4 Rail Museums in the USA- Sacramento,CA-Carson City, NV-Colorado State Rail Museum in Boulder,CO and last summer, The National Rail Museum in Green Bay, WI - an excellent museum.

I don't have that many photos, but will add some when I can master the scan and photo editing equipment at a later date.

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