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I belong to a N Scale club and we had a guy who modeled this train, looked very awesome. The tank cars were not the exact same car, but whos looking. He used Intermountain DCC tunnelmotors, in both roman and speed scheme. He used i think 4 up front, two in the middle and 2 in the rear. His train, i want to say was about 50 cars long. The tank cars were Atlas 33000 gallon, black cars.
Train looked awesome.
Sometimes we modernized it with BNSF Kato SD70MACS. Or turned it into an Alaskan Oil train with Alaska Kato SD70MACS.

Here are links to his equiptment and links to a picture of his train, or at least some of it.,...%20Tankers.htm,%20SD45T2.htm

I belive they stopped running the train because the oil company installed a pipe line.
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