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Canton RR is an operation I'd love to photograph! I love their old switchers.

As for any other SW's in the Pittsburgh area, a quick search on the RP database turned up quite a few short lines in the area which have a handful of SW's..

Pittsburgh & Ohio Central:

Image © BurghMan
PhotoID: 274678
Photograph © BurghMan

Image © Jeff McCormick
PhotoID: 193324
Photograph © Jeff McCormick

Buffalo & Pittsburgh:

Image © Kevin Ashbaugh
PhotoID: 253990
Photograph © Kevin Ashbaugh

Image © Steve McCormick
PhotoID: 227418
Photograph © Steve McCormick

Union Railroad:

Image © J. Alex Lang -
PhotoID: 105251
Photograph © J. Alex Lang -

Larrys Truck & Electric:

Image © John Ireland
PhotoID: 159892
Photograph © John Ireland

Allegheny Railroad:

Image © Wade H. Massie
PhotoID: 149252
Photograph © Wade H. Massie

To Pittsburgh we go!

Note of advice, don't even try anything funny on the Union.. The bulls think their on their way to the CIA in Virginia.. Let me know if you do the Union, I can hear them from my house. P&OC is a weekday operation only, AVR doesn't have the switchers anymore.. They were leaser power, now its all GP11's. B&P; Butler is the place to go for their SW's.
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